Kasabian – Narocotic Farm II | New Music

Heard this song a couple of days ago, and it’s the B-side to Goodbye Kiss, it’s the first thing the boys have brought out since Velociraptor!, which I think was huge success and a step forward in experimenting in their music. I think this song is another step in that direction, which I have pros and cons about. Firstly, I like bands to experiment, and try and something a bit different then what they’ve done in the past, I think it’s healthy. On the other hand I don’t want Kasabian to lose that nack of writing just absolutely  brilliant songs that could get a crowd of thousands and bring them into uprawr. It’s just a lot of those songs that they’ve had that were able to do that had brilliant riffs, and classic hook lines, so I just hope that as they keep experimenting with their music,they don’t lose that rawness.

The boys at the Q awards, chose this picture because of Tom's face.

Right, the song. Before I start, I think the video is fuckin’ brilliant. It’s quite psychedelic, and everything in this song makes it that. the constant drum beat, the acoustic guitar in the back you can hear faintly, the singing and the lyrics. Nothing in the song doesn’t say psychedelia . The way they’ve made Serge’s voice on it, sort of like faded out and you struggle to hear him, which makes you listen to it more intensely I believe. Also for the hook you’ve got Tom (who I think has got brilliant voice) just droning ‘enter narcotic farm, they will do you no harm’ (I mean droning in a good way), which really adds  to the  psychedelia of the song. As well as that you’ve  got another sound of droning just going ‘ahhhhhhahahhhhahah’, you’ll know what I mean when you hear it. So have a listen, leave a comment, what you reckon?


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