The Last of the Shadow Puppets – The Age Of The understatement | Classic Track

Right, writing about this song because me and my mate were practising and it was hard, and I had the fucking easier bit, not completely easy but easy compared to what my mate was doing, dunno how the fuck he was doing it. Of course when I write that I’m writing about the  strumming for this song, Turner looks like he’s gonna explode all over Miles and his beautiful face.

The lads, just chilling out, looking sexy and that

Of course this song was on their first and only album (not for long I hope, and I’m sure lots of other people are hoping too) , the songs was also titled as the albums name. Before I look at the song, the album is brilliant, there’s not many albums where I can listen to all the songs without skipping them and this is one of them, however some of them are quite short and you’re just shouting at the CD player (or whatever you play it on) ‘one more verse lads, so I can hear that chorus one more time’, but I suppose that’s one of the factors that make it so brilliant, it leaves you wanting more.

I think the song is a brilliantly pieced together, with Miles chipping in every now and then with a little diddy, which really adds a lot to the piece. Even though Turner is teaming up with Miles for this, I don’t think it takes anything away from his song writing technique with those long wordy lyrics, and sometimes I don’t know how it fits in, if anything I think Miles brings a lot to the table and brings a good mix. If anything I think Miles and Alex have a brilliant repertoire, which is quite rare and people struggle to find that even after years of being together. I also like how fast paced it is, and keeps that speed throughout the whole song and doesn’t slow down.

So yeah, brilliant song and hopefully the lads will grace the world with another album of theirs, if we could be so lucky. If you like this song it’s worth having a look at some of their other songs. HAVE A LISTEN!


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