Blurs night at the Brits

Thank god the cheif and blur turned up to Brits, because they made a bad night ,(with the likes of Ed Sheeran winning shit) better. I thought Noel would of played the upcoming single ‘dream on’, because it’s a great song, but nope played it cool with ‘aka…what a life’, great song but keep hearing it. I thought blur were brilliant, played the obvious with ‘song 2’ and ‘park life’ but still brilliant. A lot of people in my house were moaning a lot about Damons voice, but i kept telling them that he’s smoked for years, theyre high notes and it didn’t matter. Overall poor night, Noel and blur were brilliant and so glad that adeles speech got cut short, every time she started talking I wanted her to shut up, she’s had a load of Awards this year so if anything, too many speeches.

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  1. Just join the site liked the review it wasn’t from someone close to the age of a middle life crisis but from a regular person a fan and not a die-hard fan. good short read

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