The Kooks – Always where I need to be | Classic Track

Thought I’d do this because I haven’t done one in a while (apologies), it’s playing at the moment and my girlfriend loves them unfortunately.

It’s not bad song as it happens, as it goes, to be honest, to be fair, it’s just his voice sometimes,most times, nearly all the time can be fucking annoying because it’s to winey (tip. if you’re not to keen on his voice because of the winey factor, then steer clear of the acoustics sessions). I like the rhythm of the song, The Kooks are quite good at writing these types of songs, quite happy and bouncy. Also you got a decent hook line in ‘do do dodod dodod dodod do’ however it fucking goes. Also like the solo, to look at Hugh ( the lead guitarist), you’d think he was just a victim of casual bullying, and you’d probably be right but he is quite good on a guitar as well. The lyrics? yeah they’re quite nice they sorta roll of your tongue when you sign them, also it is a complete bastard to get out of your head, this song can stick around for a couple of annoying hours.


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