Dirty Pretty Things – Gin and Milk | Classic Track

Thought I’d put this up there, quite an old song but still a great song, so I haven’t just put up here because Carl Barat is a legend but also because it is a great song.

I think this song is really in your face and carries a lot of a attitude and a meaning with it, which is really imporatant I think if a song has no meaning or story to it thenI find it quite weak.

The band only lasted 3 years, an made one really good album with a lot of strongs songs on it and then really terrible album 2 years later which I think forced the split because it was that bad.  This song came off the first album, and is probably the strongest song on there. If you like this I think you should listen to the rest of the album which is called  ‘Waterloo to anywhere’, but please stay away from their second album ‘romance at short notice’ as this doesn’t reflect Carl Barats best work.

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