Babyshambles – I Wish | Classic Track

Another song that’s connected to Pedro, seems like I review nothing else, I will start eventually. I just started listening to this track again a couple of weeks back, songs seem to do that you forget them for about six months, a year then they come back and around and then you think ‘shit, how did I forget this one’, thankfully it comes back round, you listen to it, enjoy it and then forget it for a while. This song manages to make any bad situation in to good one, for example a bit of mayo dropping from your sandwich that you’ve just purchased for £2.15 from the Co-op, on to your shoe and your ‘mates’ pissing themselves. It’s very different to anything that the babyshambles have ever done, normally you get a heavily distorted guitar screeching down the speakers, which is nice but it’s also good to have a bit of variety which ‘The Blinding Ep’ did (this is a ep that ‘I wish’ featured on). The songs has a Ska feel to it, quite bouncy and happy, and if you have legs it makes you dance. Pete’s lyrics are never missing as always, perhaps a bit simple but still quite clever I find and also they really suit the song, In fact when I went to see him live people screaming out ” oh oh ohhhh ohhh ohh”, fantastically simple, beautiful.

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