Pedro’s Comeback!

Finally Pedro (Pete Doherty, for those of you who don’t know). He came back with a quite hectic gig at the Brixton Jamm venue, I’ve tried to capture the gig on you tube, saw a few decent videos however none of them are really good quality but then again never expected. He also played a new song ‘Farmers daughter’, of what I could hear of it, it sounded pretty good. Really glad to see him back on the scene as it has been quite a while without him, and also with some new material, really glad to hear that. Hope fully this could be the start of a new album perhaps and maybe another solo tour, and If it’s not too much too ask A LIBERTINES REUNION.       Also he didn’t look as bad as I last saw him, so that’s got to be a positive. Come on Pedro, get back on track and fucking grace the world with your beautiful songs.

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