Stone Roses Confirm Two More Festivals

I know, the news is s couple of days old. It’s not the most significant (well it is if you like TSR and you unfortunately didn’t get a ticket to the Heaton Park gig). It was either this or me slagging off Bono because he said he thinks he sounds like a girl (he doesn’t, if a girl did sound like that she would need a voice operation, I don’t know what there called. Right! If you didn’t get your tickets to TSR gig at Heaton Park, make you get some tickets to this, why? Because this could be one of the last chances to see them. Perhaps they will do a UK tour, but still that won’t be as near as good as atmosphere as it would be at festival. Also if you don’t go to the festival, you’ll miss the urine that goes on you, and you’ll miss all the sick you should be doing. So yeah, get some tickets, treat yourself,. treat your girlfriend, treat your brother, treat your uncle, treat your dad, treat your nan, treat your mate who hates decent music and treat your ears.

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